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Oct 2,2018

Mobile home repair, select us, repair faster!

Relying on professional maintenance engineers, high-quality accessories, leading time control, expanding door-to-door cities, and brand endorsement of mobile phone manufacturers, we bring more quality ...

Sep 10,2018

The OPPO(Find X) screen is broken. How much does the standar

OPPO(Find X) switch screen, understand!...


Interpretation of apple's new product launch event what are

Each year, the debut of new iPhone always affects our hearts and "kidney". In the annual technology circle Spring Festival gala, the appearance of new iPhone gradually becomes clear. This year, there a...

Sep 20,2018

Reveal the things about cell phone mainten -ance! What you d

The common malfunctions of mobile phones may be solved .......

Oct 2,2018

What to do if the iPhone X gets hot and hot, and how to fix

Maintenance engineer: why the iPhone X gets hot!...

Oct 2,2018

Official website to repair the phone screen, the latest batt

How much does it cost to change your phone's screen and battery? Know....

Sep 15,2018

Spend the least money, save more time, and choose mobile hom

It's easy to repair the phone because we're professional.......

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Sep 16,2018


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